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Anubis Leather Handbag
Anubis Leather Handbag
Anubis Leather Handbag
Anubis Leather Handbag

Anubis Leather Handbag

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Handbag made of a single piece of leather dyed with lacquer and wax.

Design made with gouge piercing it, before and after dyed, chiselled, wooden base covered in leather, leather accessories.

Magnetized brooches.

Approximate weight: 310 gr

Approximate height: 18 cm

Approximate width: 15 cm

Approximate thickness: 6,5 cm


The Anubis Leather Handbag is a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece crafted by master artisan Emiliano Grandi. Meticulously designed with gouge piercing, chiselling, and wooden base covered in leather, it is a luxurious piece that is made from a single piece of dyed leather with lacquer and wax. Magnetized brooches and leather accessories complete the bag, making it a truly unique accessory. Measuring 18 cm in height, 15 cm in width, and 6.5 cm in thickness, the Anubis Leather Handbag weighs 310 gr.

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This product was made by

Emiliano Grandi
I am from Buenos Aires, Ramos Mejía, I started at a very young age between 10-12 years old at my father’s Rodolfo Grandi workshop , master craftsman, first in a playful and discovery way, then it was he who taught me the techniques and ways of working the leather, thus achieving unique textures and wefts.
Then, together with my brother Luciano, we continued the art that he instilled in us, giving rise to our imprint, providing the imaginative designs and the neatness in the detail.
Everything starts mainly from leather as a raw material, but what gives life to it are the inks, chiselling, gouging and the different dyeing techniques that achieve this particularity in the pieces.
Crafts, design and drawing are my way of expressing what I do, in a way, the privilege of making a living from what I like.
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