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Flask + 2 glasses

Flask + 2 glasses

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Glazed Ceramic 

Firing temperature: 1140*

Weight approx: 350 gr

Flask height: 15,5 cm 

Flask width: 9 cm 

Beautiful bottle and four small glasses, handmade with aboriginal motifs to surprise your guests by serving your favorite liquor

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This product was made by

Darío Mollari
I was born in Buenos Aires, I have dedicated myself to Ceramic Art and Crafts for more than 30 years. My inspiration reflects in drawings a tribute to Latin American women.
I have exhibited my work at the Mataderos Fair in Buenos Aires, along with other Master Craftsmen, for more than 10 years. Currently I participate in different Handicraft Fairs in the City of Buenos Aires. My pieces are part of private collections in Argentina and abroad.
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