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Extension Ring
Extension Ring

Extension Ring

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Etched nickel silver

The Extension Ring is a handmade piece of fashion jewelry crafted from nickel silver and etched for a unique finish. This luxurious metal is renowned for its durability and long-lasting lustre, making it the perfect choice for showcasing your individual style.

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This product was made by

Diana Torcoletti

For me, making jewelry is an opportunity to continue growing. I try to capture many ways of communicating messages about bodies that explore universes. I think, I think I do. With costumes and masks that invite you to look, listen, listen, laugh, thank and reflect.

I was trained in unforgettable exploration workshops in various techniques and materials: Japanese lacquer, polymer clay, wax modeling, chiselling, felt, filigree, textile and paper jewelry, resin, metal weaving, ceramics. I am deeply grateful to all the trainers I have had and to the Escuela de la Joya de Buenos Aires

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