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Aqua Bracelet
Aqua Bracelet
Aqua Bracelet
Aqua Bracelet

Aqua Bracelet

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Turquoise Stone
Turkish eye

The word comes from the Latin Aqua, which means, water.
As such, water is the most abundant substance on the planet.

Its colors convey a sense of calm and comfort.
Associated with relaxation of body and mind.
Refreshing, feminine, serenity, wisdom, joy, tranquility.
The oldest amulet, symbol of wealth and prosperity.
It serves as protection against negative energy.

Turquoise stone represents self-realization and creative energy.
The turquoise eye symbolizes good Karma, truth and purity.
We think green and take care of the environment.

In our creative process we consider the least expenditure of energy and
We put into practice the RE concept (re-cycle, re-duce, re-use).
This line arises from the RE-use of raw material discarded in other lines;
creating new forms through the hand cuts made in the silk cocoons.
In this way, our philosophy is part of Re-constructing physical objects (jewelry)
according to principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability.

Our principle lies in the use of materials with
low environmental impact: non-toxic.

We seek to inspire our client-users to adopt habits sustainable, reduce the carbon
footprint and carry out actions individual and collective
for the care of the environment.

Our mission is to awaken the explorer that we all carry inside because
We believe that the more we relate to nature and the planet, but we understand
the importance of preserving it.

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This product was made by

Ind贸mita Luz
Gisela Mart铆nez, clothing designer, dedicated to silk and natural dyeing techniques.

At the Puro Dise帽o Fair 2015 She launched Ind贸mita Luz, the contemporary jewelery firm made with cocoons of silkworms.
The particularity of the cocoons is their brightness, lightness and the fixation of natural colors, it seems fragile but it is not!
The colors are achieved with natural dyes and colorants obtained from yerba mate, onion peel, cochineal, achiote seed, indigo, saffron, among others. Obtaining own tones, whose process is carried out in his own workshop in Claromec贸, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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