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Circle City Necklace
Circle City Necklace
Circle City Necklace

Circle City Necklace

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Ready to stand out from the crowd?Our Circle City Necklace is handmade from a unique piece made of with  925 silver, 316L steel, acrylics, aluminum, copper, and woods - a stunning combination crafted with care and handmade for a modern look! Its beauty and design will turn heads wherever you go!

316L Steel





925 Silver

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This product was made by

Cristian Roa

I live in San Antonio de Areco. I was trained at the National School of Fine Arts and I am self-taught in the craft of Craftsman. I work with pieces of steel, silver, wood, acrylic for their purity and style.

Being an Artisan represents, above all, a choice: it means respect for the trade itself, its history, what it points to as a social and cultural fact. Thus, any handmade object, the smallest, whatever the discipline, has all these qualities for me.

I value metals for their great expressive capacity and durability, since the passage of time and use also tend to give them a particular personality.

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