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Big Bowl

Big Bowl

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Stoneware ceramic, fired at 1270 ºC, glazed from red clay collected from the ground, ashes as flux material.

Approximate weight: 1220 grams

Approximate height: 7.5 cm

Approximate diameter: 23.5 cm

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This product was made by

Marcela Gonda

Pottery is communication, and that is why this is my profession. In my pots the history of its creation is visible. The grooves left by the fingers on the walls tell that they were made on a potter's wheel. If there are stamped traces it is because I enamel by immersion, and if the enamel drips - it always drips - so it remains.
I develop my own glazes from natural materials, mostly red clays like the soil where I find them. An electric oven brings the pieces to 1270 * C, turns the clay into stone, and delivers an ideal quality object to be used on a daily basis.

This happens in a tiny workshop in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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