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Pyramid Leather Handbag
Pyramid Leather Handbag
Pyramid Leather Handbag

Pyramid Leather Handbag

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Cow leather handbag

Technique: embossed, dyed with aniline, hand-sewn with waxed thread, finished with colorless and shiny pomades 

Approximate weight: 270 gr

Approximate height: 17 cm 

Approximate width: 26 cm 

Approximate thickness: 7 cm 

Inspired by the beauty of geometry, this Pyramid Leather Handbag is lovingly crafted by our artisan saddler Lucía Pratolongo. Each piece is hand-sewn with waxed thread, embossed, dyed with aniline, and finished with colorless and shiny pomades. Experience its luxurious feel and weight with every touch. Make a statement with this exquisite piece today!

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This product was made by

Lucía Pratolongo
I was born in Buenos Aires in 1979, daughter of artisans. I studied Design
of Image and Sound at the UBA and trained as an actress and playwright with different teachers. I have been dedicated to the design and handcrafting of leather handbag for 20 years.
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