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Tradition, innovation, and art

The world's local craft fair

We come from Argentina, a land where we know how important quality raw material is, a country that lives off what its soil gives it. We grew up surrounded by landscapes that inspired us, but also by industries that threaten them every day. Then we traveled to Europe, more precisely to Catalonia,, where we learned how necessary it is to take care of what the planet gives us and we took on the challenge of creating a project that would summarize our entire history and our convictions. This is how ArCatArt was born, an invaluable mix between the creative, the unique and the sustainable, in short, between Argentina, Catalunya and what we are passionate about: Art.

Our mission

Feria artesanal local del mundo

How we work

Feria artesanal local del mundo

Our team

Andrea Invernizzi


Lifelong graphic industrialist, leader and alma mater of the project, lover of art and its ability to redefine reality


Graduated in Political Science, passionate about technology and its application in the construction of community networks
Vicky Del Moral


Degree in ADE and marketing specialist, in charge of empowering each artisan and making it reach the eyes of the world
Antonella Malachite


Graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. Responsible for the website. She is the receiver of everything; videos, photos, content. She channels and portrays them with efficiency and creativity


Photographer, visual artist and content creator. Creative, multifaceted and versatile art director
Vicky Etchepare


In charge of audiovisual media. She deals with movement and aesthetics. Director of our videos and a constant contributor of content and creativity