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Silk Poncho Buttons
Silk Poncho Buttons

Silk Poncho Buttons

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Technique: Embroidery

1,5m double with silk fringe

Summer, Autumn, Spring

This Silk Poncho features intricate embroidery and a 1.5m double layer, designed and hand crafted by artisan Jaqui Gasalla. Perfect for the changing seasons, you'll be able to take on summer, autumn, and spring with a stylish and comfortable look.

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Jaqui Gasalla
I started crocheting at age 4 as a family tradition inherited from my grandmother. Later, when my mother saw my interest in knitting, she taught me knitting and at the age of 8 I knitted my first pullover. I studied psychology and thanks to a colleague and friend I got to know "the loom", which sparked a new passion in my life: creating garments on a loom, combining techniques, textures, colors. After several courses I started to produce clothes and teach classes. My university studies helped me in the formation of groups. Today, after more than 15 years of activity, I continue to feel the same emotion and joy at the garment created or the achievement of my beloved students.
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